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St. Giles Cathedral ~ taken by Dwight McAnear

St. Giles Cathedral ~ taken by Dwight McAnear
Edinburgh, Scotland 2010

Click on the lady and her phone.

Click on the lady and her phone.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sharon's Books & Video

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The Jemma Series
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Press play to enjoy a free trip to the Texas Panhandle!


  1. The cattle in this video were not compensated for their participation due to a breakdown in salary negotiations. The calf who chose to speak out demanded more money than the others who watched in contented silence. Other than minor translation issues, the deal breaker was that the cattle showed up, uninvited, just prior to production. They were under the impression that a normal cattle call had been issued. It had not.


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Sharon McAnear grew up in the Texas Panhandle at a time when small towns and farms still thrived, as did the comforting presence of extended families. Her grandparents were a constant source of joy and spiritual inspiration to her. They, like many others of that period, learned to appreciate the humor and irony in life, and those particular traits are given high regard in her writing. In addition to writing, Sharon is a reader, a hiker, and a frequent visitor to Britain. She confesses to lovingly wallpapering her family's downstairs bathroom with 243 Far Side cartoons one snowy weekend in the late nineties. Gary Larson, however, had nothing at all to do with the cover photos for her novels. They are the author's own work. Sharon McAnear lives in Colorado with her periodically dramatic family. She is currently plotting her next novel, and perhaps sneaking added inspiration from wallpaper.


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